The Return of Jeff McNeil

We gotta talk about The Met’s Jeff McNeil. It has been a lot of fun watching the Met’s this season, but especially Jeff McNeil.

Jeff’s 2022 Topps Heritage Look

Let’s take a look at where pitches are being thrown at McNeil’s at-bats.

Credit: Savant Illustrator

Admittedly, 2021 was a tough year. As of 8.7.2022, McNeil’s 2022 batting average is a .304. He’s been hot recently, with a BA well above that. Maybe McNeil is getting back into the groove. Hope so. Hope by the end of the season he’s back to the 2018-2020 levels, and 2021 is well in the rear-view mirror. Just think back to McNeil’s 3-run homer on May 28, 2022. This guy shuts down the hecklers.


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